September 06, 2015

Lichter Raum - light room

Same exhibition (see preceding post), next room, and again: a sculpture and a title referring to "light".
This time made from poplar wood by Joseph Stephan Wurmer in 2013.
The sun was behind the clouds in this shot which helped reduce my own shadow on the sculpture. The shadows cast by the window behind me still helped frame the object. And an interesting leg of a visitor walking away from the sculpture in the dark is a nice bonus, I think: gives you an impression of the size (65x115x115 cm).


Sin Luz - without light the title of the sculpture I shot at the exhibition of the NN-Kunstpreis. It is constructed from thousands of plastic dishes hold together by paper-clips by Frank Dimitri Etienne. With 2.8m in diameter it's pretty large.
Interestingly (and luckily) the sun was shining right onto the sculpture and what I captured in my shot is one of the first impressions I got when I entered the room: fascinating, like an alien deep sea fish. Funnily the sculpture would have been pretty dull without light, so its title "Sin Luz" is a bit of a misnomer.


As always in my Blog you can click on the images to view a large version. Enjoy!